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Lady Death: Unholy Ruin #1 - Comic Book Market Set

Lady Death: Unholy Ruin #1 - Comic Book Market Set

Price: $90.00
Advance Preorder (Est. Ship 4/18/2018)
  • Release Date:April 2018

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ADVANCE PREORDER ITEM: This product is estimated to ship April 18, 2018. Please be aware of this before placing your preorder!

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: This product will be available for preorder until April 18, 2018.

Story: Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Interiors: Dheeraj Verma (pencils), Ceci de la Cruz (color)
Covers: Various

New Story! New Format! News that her beloved mother Marion is being held captive leads Lady Death straight into Gore Galore, a horrific, twisted reality show televised throughout Hell that pits the diva of death against hordes of cannibal serial killers, supernatural slashers, even former allies. It's a suicide trap masterminded by the Hellbourne Elders to wipe Lady Death off the face of Hell! Can Lady Death prevail and be reunited with her mother? Meanwhile, Hellwitch and her Hellbourne army descend to exact revenge! Featuring the return of a beloved character, the introduction of Mr. Atticus Marrow and re-introducing War Angel!

A complete set of Lady Death: Unholy Ruin #1 Comic Market editions:
Also included with this set are two RARE incentive editions:
  • Incentive Edition (Dan Mendoza)
  • Mega Incentive Edition (Michael DiPascale) - set exclusive!
*Censor bar will not appear on actual cover.

Part 1 of 2. Each book contains 32 full-color pages.

Set available SIGNED by Lady Death creator Brian Pulido as a no-cost option. Signed sets include Certificates of Authenticity.

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