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Lady Death: Annual #1 - Wraparound Cover (2006)

Lady Death: Annual #1 - Wraparound Cover (2006)

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  • Release Date:May 2006
Story: Brian Pulido
Interiors: Daniel HDR, Richard Ortiz
Cover: Richard Ortiz

Atop an isolated, monolithic castle, Lady Death, Wargoth and Satasha, celebrate the Blackland's holiday, Tombsmass. Unknown to them, The Infernal, an unimaginable evil intent on killing them, invades their rare solace. Can Lady Death and her cohorts survive against an unstoppable, supernatural murdering machine? And why is The Infernal here? Could one of them have called it? The answers will melt your mind! Slasher horror on an epic, medieval scale! 

Full color, 40 pages. Wraparound variant cover.

One-shot issue. Click here for all Avatar one-shot issues.

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