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Lady Death #10 - Art Deco Cover (Boundless)

Lady Death #10 - Art Deco Cover (Boundless)

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  • Release Date:August 2011
Story: Brian Pulido, Mike Wolfer
Interiors: Marcello Mueller
Cover: Michael Dipascale

Lady Death is no more, stripped of her supernatural abilities, memories and soul, banished from the Nether Realm and left for dead, utterly defeated and powerless. In her place, HopeÍs greatest foe has stolen her kingdom, her legacy and even her face, transforming the Realm into a nightmare world and rules it with an unparalleled, sadistic pleasure. But this is only the beginning! The most sprawling epic in Lady DeathÍs history begins as Illadra, a simple thief in Medieval Spain, learns that her unnatural skills are tied to another life she has glimpsed in her darkest nightmares, one where she is Lady Death. Her world is about to be turned upside down when a demonic emissary and a battalion of zombie warriors thrusts her down a bloody path of self-discovery, and a quest to recover the true self that was ripped from her by the villainous Death Queen!

Full color, 32 pages. Dealer incentive cover.

STORY ARC: Boundless Lady Death Ongoing (2010-13); #10 of 26

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