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La Muerta #1: Descent - Aztec Queen Edition

La Muerta #1: Descent - Aztec Queen Edition

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SIGNED by Brian Pulido (may delay delivery time)
Story: Mike MacLean
Art: Joel Gomez (pencils), Ceci de la Cruz (color)
Cover: Richard Ortiz (pencils), Ceci de la Cruz (color)

A new breed of criminal stalks the barrios„the Zavalas, part death-worshiping cult, part crime syndicate. The seductive and merciless Gemma Zavala, aka Mama Z, heads the cartel. Anyone she canÍt bribe or intimidate ends up paying the ultimate price as a human sacrifice in her Aztec rituals. Ruthless, blood-thirsty with influence far and wide, the Zavalas appear unstoppable. Until they murder the wrong girl...

Full color, 48 pages. Limited to 200 serially numbered copies!

Also available as an UNSIGNED copy (with no COA included). Please specify signing preference (SIGNED or UNSIGNED Copy) in the drop-down menu above prior to adding this item to your cart.

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